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March 25th-29th Phoenix Arizona

June 3rd-7th Phoenix Arizona 

September 23rd - 27th  Phoenix Arizona


While microblading guidance on state regulations are provided below, you should always check on state, county, and city level, as local regulations may be present even if nothing is present on the state level. Technicians are responsible for finding out their local rules and regulations for licensing and permitting requirements before practicing Microblading and prior to registering for our training. Please note while we provide the resources below, the government agencies should always be considered the source of truth.

Guidance On Researching Regulations:

  • Most states bundle microblading with permanent makeup, body art, or tattooing
  • When you call, refer to it as one of these terms: "Where can I find the regulations for tattooing and permanent makeup requirements?"
  • Typically the two most regulating bodies are the public health department or the environmental health department, this varies by state. 
  • Some states govern this through cosmetology boards or other such entities.