Plucked And Shaded: The Relationship Between Your Face Shape And Your Eyebrows

Many people use their faces as a canvas for their artistic expression. Whether they're turning themselves into a zombie for a special effects venue, getting permanent tattoos, or simply dolling themselves up for a night out on the town, the face offers a multitude of opportunities to explore and have fun.

Eyebrows contribute to that canvas, though many people overlook the impact they have on your face: a study at MIT found that 46% of participants were unable to identify iconic celebrities when their eyebrows were removed. Because they are so vital to identity and recognition, we're going to show you the best eyebrow type for your face shape.

  • Round: Round faces best go with structured brows that have angled arches and longer ends. The dimension and definition that these eyebrows add to the face makes it appear slimmer and more oval-shaped.
  • Oval: Oval faces should be paired with well-balanced and contoured eyebrows. Finding the right thickness is key with the oval shape: if you have a high forehead, large eyes, and large lips, you'll want your brows to be thicker; if you have smaller features, thinner arches are a better fit.
  • Heart-shaped: Soft, curved eyebrows are ideal for heart-shaped faces. The fluidity of the curves can complement the face's sharp angles.
  • Square: If you have a square face, go for eyebrows with angled peaks. This creates a softer and less boxy look, and the added angle of the peak will create the illusion of a longer and narrower face.
  • Oblong: Those with oblong faces want to plump up their shape to achieve a fuller effect. This can be done using shorter brows.
  • Diamond-shaped: High arches can exaggerate face length, so those with diamond-shaped faces should go for the opposite; linear brows are best here.

Achieving the perfect brow is easier than you think. You can look into microblading classes, learn about the microshading method, pay an esthetician for professional microblading or microshading services, or simply keep plucking on your own. From curved eyebrows to linear, it's important to know that beauty is relative; do what makes you happy and makes you feel beautiful.