Need To Get Your Microbladed Brows Color Corrected? Here's What To Expect

Microbladed brows are extremely popular right now. By using a handheld tool, microblading professionals create hairlike strokes on your eyebrows to expertly thicken and shape them; the final product leaves you with beautiful brows that can last up to (and even beyond) a year! Unfortunately, not everyone administering professional microblading has the knowledge necessary to do a good job; if your microbladed brows need to be corrected, either using color correction techniques or by reshaping them, here's what you can expect from your visit.

The Evaluation

The average eyebrow contains approximately 250 hairs, but microblading is designed to make your brows look thicker, fuller, and perfectly formed. If something has gone wrong in the process, the evaluation will allow your technician to figure out what happened and how to correct it. They'll need to know two main things: when did this occur and have you been picking at the healing scabs.

Although we live in an instant gratification-focused society, microblading comes with a six to eight week healing process. In the first two weeks, your brows will appear much darker; before your technician can diagnose the problem, they'll need to wait until yours have lightened up. Additionally, they won't be able to microblade over healing scabs.

Picking at healing wounds is never a good idea, but if you can't resist the urge after your microblading session, you may end up with patchy eyebrows. If you get them re-done and continue to pick, the same problem will occur. Discuss this with your technician beforehand.

The Correction Process

When it comes to correcting the error, your technician will begin with color correction techniques. Depending on the issue, your technician may utilize detailed eyebrow microshading procedures, microshading kits, and even advanced microblading strokes to return your curved eyebrows to a healthy state. After the process, you'll need to let your brows heal and be sure to follow any instructions given to you by your technician.

Don't let your correction push you into laziness. It's vital that you return for a second appointment to ensure they're healing well and to add any needed density. If you can commit to this final step, however, your brows will be back to beautiful in no time!