Microblading VS Tattoo Eyebrows: What's The Difference?
Microblading is the newest trend to hit beauty salons and tattoo parlors across the nation. While many prefer the benefits of microblading, others do not know the difference between microblading and tattooed eyebrows. 

If you're looking to receive microblading eyebrows training, here are the top similarities and differences between the two techniques. 


Both microblading and tattooing rely on ink being injected into the skin, in this case into the area where you want curved eyebrows. Both techniques also try to offer a client a better-looking brow with fine lines. However, this is where the similarities between the two practices stop. While they utilize pigments that are inserted into the skin, the techniques are far from similar. 


Microblading is a type of cosmetic tattooing that relies on a small blade to create lines on the skin. Once the cut is formed, the pigment is inserted into the area to create a small line that mimics the appearance of eyebrow hairs. The average eyebrow has around 250 distinct hairs and depending on the size, thickness, and shape of the desired eyebrow, hundreds of lines may need to be formed during a microblading process..

Microblading typically lasts between one and three years while a tattoo is meant to last much longer. However, microblading results in a lightening over time, something very different from a tattoo which usually changes hue as it ages. This allows the microbladed curved eyebrows to fade and produce a more natural look. 

Microblading products are also quite different from the average tattoo artist's arsenal. Microblading equipment relies on a series of small blades and color pigments. A tattoo artist will often use a gun and needle to repeatedly poke pigment into the skin of the individual. They might be able to achieve fine lines, but microblading has become the trendsetter in the field. 

As a last key difference, tattooing often takes years of apprenticing and practice to achieve a good reputation. With microblading training courses, any experienced dermatologist can become a professional. Curve Brows even offers a 5-day microblading course designed to perfect your advanced microblading strokes. 

When you want to take classes to become an expert in microblading and microshading, call Curve Brows or visit online for more information!