Microblading Prep and Aftercare: Tips to Improve Client Satisfaction


As anyone who has been through microblading training knows, your eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature you have. Of course, not everyone is blessed with the perfect brows -- and even if you are, there's nothing that says you always will be. Although the hairs on your head can last for three to seven years, the hairs in your brows last only four months or so. Over time, your brows can start to thin out or become unruly. What's more, you might have made cosmetic mistakes in your youth that have impacted how your brows grow today. Those are just some of the reasons why microblading has become so popular in recent years.

If you're thinking about enrolling in advanced microblading courses or have already completed your microblading training, you'll no doubt want to provide the best final results for your clients that you possibly can. Obtaining the technical skills required to properly use microblading equipment is essential, but so is ensuring that your client feels comfortable and has the knowledge necessary to prepare for her appointment and to care for her microbladed brows afterwards. In today's post, we'll go over some of these tips so you can share what you've learned with your future clients and make certain that their experience with microblading is an overwhelmingly positive one.

How to Prep for a Professional Microblading Appointment

  • Avoid Certain Substances: Advise your client to refrain from drinking alcohol at least one to three days prior to their appointment, as this can impact color deposit and increase the risk for bruising or bleeding due to alcohol's effect on thinning the body's blood. For these same reasons, your client should also not consume coffee or caffeinated beverages on the day of the procedure or take Ibuprofen for pain relief prior to the appointment. Vitamin E and fish oil supplements should also be avoided for at least one week before the procedure.
  • Leave Skin and Brows Alone: Your client should not tweeze, wax, tint, or have electrolysis performed on their brows at least one week prior to their appointment. Your client should also stay out of the sun to avoid both tanning and sunburn on the facial area for at least two weeks prior to their service. Facials, retinol products, chemical peels, and Botox treatments should also be avoided for at least two to three weeks beforehand. Your client should discontinue their use of hair growth serums around this time, as well. Some clients find that drier skin is better for the procedure and may choose to avoid moisturizing the eyebrow area prior to their appointment.
  • Take it Easy: You should encourage your clients to relax and think ahead prior to their service. Individuals should not exercise the day of their microblading procedure, so make sure to let any fitness-obsessed clients know beforehand that they'll need to refrain from excessive physical activity. It is, however, a good idea for clients to shower before their appointment and to style their hair in a way that will allow them to keep their brows from getting wet for a few days after the procedure is performed. Clients should also take care to reschedule any spa appointments directly after the procedure and to plan on taking it easy for the next few days.

How to Care for Microbladed Brows

In your microblading training courses, you'll learn more about proper aftercare. Here's a good overview of what you'll need to tell your clients to do and to avoid after their microblading session:


  • Avoid wearing makeup for at least one week
  • Avoid getting the eyebrow area wet or sweaty for at least 10 days
  • Don't go swimming or go to saunas until the area has heeled
  • Keep all hair away from the brow line
  • Do not scratch or pick at scabs
  • Stay out of the sun and avoid salon tanning
  • Do not use glycolic acid or retinol products on the face or neck
  • Do not perform any tasks that involve dust or debris (like cleaning or heavy lifting)
  • Do not exercise or drive in the open air
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption
  • Other than rinsing and post-care cream application, avoid touching the eyebrow area

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