Microblading Essentials: What You Need In Your Microblading Kit

When you get involved in microblading, you'll need a variety of tools to get the job done right. In order to ensure your client stays safe and happy, here are some of the essential tools of the trade. 


Sterilization supplies

You can't begin the microblading or microshading process unless all your tools and materials are sterilized. This includes utilizing the proper sterile gloves, high level disinfectant, and surface cleaner wipes. Your station must be a clean, safe environment for everyone that comes through your door. If you don't sterilize your shop, salon, or station, you could risk spreading infections, diseases, and other harmful agents. Try out Preempt cleaning and sterilization products before you take on your next client today. 


Pre-treatment agents

Before you begin microblading the skin, you need to treat your client's skin. This will help your application go on more accurately and last even longer. This can include numbing agents and other pre-treatment products to help ease pain and seal in the cream pigment. The pigment penetration agent is essential for prepping the skin. 


Eyebrow measuring tools

Each face is different and your usual microshading method might not work for everyone. To ensure you're giving your client accurate, symmetrical results, using eyebrow measuring tools is the best way to give your client beautiful brows. Between rulers, stainless steel calipers, and skin markers, these are just some of the tools you need to give your client the most accurate brows.


Aftercare products

Your station isn't complete without the right microblading eyebrows supplies designed for proper aftercare. When your client walks out your door, it's your responsibility to ensure you give them the correct aftercare information. If you don't, it can lead to potentially disastrous results. 

Offer the proper aftercare microblading eyebrows supplies for your clients with Curve Brows Home Care packs. They will help heal the microbladed brows and keep the affected area moist and healthy. This will help your client achieve better-looking brows that last longer. When around 51% of Americans use hair care products each day, it should be no problem to recommend your client add this to their routine. 

If you're worried about forgetting one of these important items, don't hesitate to look for microblading eyebrows supplies and professional-grade microshading kits through Curve Brows. Hone your technique with their 5-day advanced microblading courses and get some of the best microblading eyebrows supplies and equipment today.