Mastering Microshading and Microneedling

The eyes have it. The brows, that is. In fashion, trend changes tend to involve focusing on different silhouettes. The same is true for brows. Full brows are here to stay; the 90s pencil thin brows are gone. We haven’t seen such emphasis on full, curved brows since Brooke Shields. Your brows are important beyond aesthetics, too. Eyebrows play such a major role in facial definition that identifying individuals without brows becomes difficult. MIT conducted research in which respondents were shown pictures of iconic celebrities, with their eyebrows erased. The respondents were only able to identify 46% of the famous faces.

Brow treatments generally involve a trip to the salon or spa, so they feel like a luxurious treat. A recent poll revealed that 29% of women made a 2018 New Year’s resolution to focus more on self-care. A visit to the spa for a brow treatment feels indulgent, and ensures your friends know who you are!

Microneedling is a semi-permanent brow treatment that is essentially a form of tattooing technique in which pigments are scratched or cut into the skin in fine, short strokes. The technique is done with a handheld tool with tiny needles that deposit the specialized pigments just beneath the top-most layer of skin. The result is tiny lines drawn that look like hairs, creating a fuller brow look. This treatment is best for those who do not have especially sensitive skin and who struggle with sparse brows.

The microshading method for eyebrows, by contrast, is an eyebrow shading treatment performed with a more standard tattooing device that places pigments into a deeper layer of the skin than microneedling. The detailed eyebrow microshading method gives a soft, full brow look. Since the pigments penetrate further into the skin, the results can last up to four years whereas microblading will only hold up for one year, at most. Most studios that perform the treatment will include one touch up and recommend getting microshading brows freshened up once every two years. This treatment is ideal for those with sensitive skin. It also lasts quite a bit longer than microneedling.

You can learn more about these techniques by calling Curve Brows for more information on these treatments and training classes on how they should be performed.