Microblading is quickly becoming the most popular way to achieve your dream brow look almost instantaneously. Instead of taking time out of your morning to use a pigmented gel, pencil, pomade, or wax, you can wake up every day to gorgeous, sculpted brows. Microblading is ideal for almost everyone and you’ll be amazed at how stunning your eyebrows look every day and how easy it can be to maintain your microbladed brows. Microblading training is also a great way to learn the technique and add it to your existing portfolio of skills. If you’ve ever been interested in microblading training, look no further than Curve Brows. Our training is hands-on, designed for you to succeed, and comprehensive. Contact us now for more information about our classes and locations! We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your own microblading certification.


Hands-On Training

We’re passionate about helping you learn the technique of microblading in a fun, engaging atmosphere that has you learning at your own pace. Many other microblading classes and trainings may focus heavily on the curriculum, while only spending a few hours with the tools and pigments. This makes for a nervous student who doesn’t feel prepared or equipped to perform the microblading procedure on real, live clients. What’s more frustrating than being too afraid to try out your new skill? Our teachers here at Curve Brows want you to feel confident in your new training and feel ready to take on clients as soon as you’ve completed our program. We’ll work with you to help you understand the process and technique, and our expert instructors will teach you the tips and tricks of microblading that you won’t get from sitting in a classroom.

Top of the Line Products

Our high-quality health conscious products match the training. Not only are our products well-formulated and available in a wide variety of pigments, but they’re also made with health-conscious ingredients and are in compliance with health and cosmetic regulations. You can be sure that the pigments that you’re using are designed to give the best possible outcome of color payoff while being gentle on the skin. We’re proud to offer our high-quality products, training, and accessories all in one place so you can find everything that you need from Curve Brows!

Friendly and Helpful Support

Does that other microblading training company you’re interested in offer wonderful and helpful support? Even after your completed your microblading training, we’ll stay in contact with you to ensure that you feel confident day after day and aren’t experiencing any issues or hiccups during the procedures that you’re performing. If you’re struggling with a problem and need advice or help, you can reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you. Our experienced trainers will help you with every step of the way, and our goal is to help you achieve and excel in your microblading procedures. You can also come back to be re-trained in an area that you may not be feeling confident in or to be instructed in a new and exciting technique or other skill that we might have just developed.

Always Looking Ahead

At Curve Brows, we’re always searching out new and cutting-edge techniques, products, and methods for microblading that will help you become even better at performing microblading procedures. We want you to feel equipped with the newest and coolest products, which is why we’ve formed our own product line. Rather than wait for other companies to formulate new and exciting microblading products, we’ve learned to make our own so we can be at the forefront of microblading pigments and other accessories. Further, we want your microblading experience to be all-encompassing, so we’ve created a curriculum, training module, and hands-on technique plan to help you to feel like you’re getting all of the instruction that you need and more. Instead of training at one company, purchasing pigment from another, and buying your accessories from a different company, you can get everything that you could ever need from Curve Brows. And, if you have a lot of friends or colleagues in the industry and don’t see your city or one that’s within driving distance, you can nominate your city to help Curve Brows come to you!

Microblading training is a great way to add an exciting and useful skill to your resume, but it’s important to find the best training available so you can be sure about what you’re doing and your clients will be happy with their results. If you’re interested in getting started on your own microblading training journey, contact Curve Brows today! With a team of professional, helpful, and engaging microblading experts, our training is hands-on and will prepare you to be the best that you can be. Contact us today to learn more!