Four Facts for a Professional Microblading Career
A career in the cosmetic and makeup industry is glamorous and exciting. It is also becoming more and more technical. One area of rapid expansion is that of professional microblading. Here are four quick facts about professional microblading that might make you want to turn it into a career for yourself. 

Fact # 1. Professional Microblading is Not Tattooing

The process of professional microblading is labor intensive. Each brow is custom treated with a pigmentation process, following the natural design. It is a semi-permanent procedure, lasting between one to three years. Interestingly, although the hairs in human eyebrows only last between three and four months in general, the hairs on the human head, by contrast, usually last from about three years all the way up to seven years. 

Fact # 2. Eyebrows Are a Dominant Facial Feature

It is a fact that facial recognition is virtually impossible without eyebrows. They give a face much character and distinction. If you are concerned about the look of your brows, you are not alone. And if you are thinking about professional microblading training, you are not alone, either, as more and more people are entering the profession. 

Fact # 3. Microblading is Low Maintenance

After the initial procedure, which takes approximately three hours, maybe a little less, your client will be ready to go. It is recommended that they return for a follow-through check-up in a month. But this rapid completion rate will actually allow you to work on and complete the entire process in one day, and get paid for the entire job, too. This allows for all big payoff appointments for you, because of the nature of the process. 

Fact # 4. Are Microblading Classes and Training Expensive?

For such an intense procedure, the training for professional microblading is relatively short. If microblading alone is being taught, a five day microblading course is about average, with some microblading classes lasting as briefly as three days. Costs for microblading classes range from $500 to $4,000. Clients usually pay $350-$800 for this custom service.

A career in cosmetology is one that makes the world more beautiful...and makes your bank account stronger. Doing professional microblading can gain you earnings of $2,000-$4,000 per month. It all depends on how many hours you work. The results are beautiful...and so are the profits.