Beat the Curve - 4 Tips for Choosing Microblading Training

Let's be real...eyebrows are tough. It doesn't matter if you are taking care of your own eyebrows or your client's; it's tough! And, no wonder; while the hair on our head can last three to seven years, the hairs on your eyebrows only last four months!

You're already working your tail off to make your clients look fantastic. Take your game to the next level with advance microblading.

Having great eyebrows is essential to success and fame. At MIT, researchers removed the eyebrows from the photos of well-known celebrities. When participants looked at these pics, they misidentified the celebrities over 50% of the time!

Clearly, eyebrows are important. Before you sign up for advance microblading courses, you need to find training that is the right fit for you.

Here are 4 tips to help you on your way to becoming a certified microblading artist.

1. Find Successful Trainers

You can learn a lot with a web search or through online videos. Whether that knowledge is good or bad is less certain.

Free is nice, but you get what you pay for. Clients will not trust free training and will quickly see the bad results. You need a real, live person that provides training online or in-person at a reasonable price.

Look for a trainer that has been around for a while, with at least two years of successful work. You also want to make sure that the trainer provides training that takes some time.

Imagine going to a doctor who only trained for a year; you would not trust them with your life! Don't trust your clients' eyebrows to just a few hours' training. Select a 3- to 5-day microblading course to ensure you and your clients' happiness.

2. Check Out Their Artwork

How do you really know a microblading artist knows their stuff? Check out their artwork!

Browse the trainer's social media and website images. Look for beautifully curved eyebrows that look natural and fantastic. Make sure you like their style, too!

Even better, see if you can find the work of their students. A teacher is only worth what their students can show they've learned.

3. Get Your Money's Worth

Advance microblading training is expensive, and that's okay! Tattooing someone's skin is a huge responsibility. You want to make sure you are well-trained and well-equipped.

However, not all price tags sell the same thing. You need to ask some important questions before paying the course registration fees.

Does the training include certification and microshading kits? Does it discuss protective equipment, insurance, marketing, or laws and regulations? How will they support you within your practice and art?

4. Make Sure They're Available

Search the artist's training schedule. Can you fit it into your own schedule? Do they provide courses in your area or online?

Jumping into the advance microblading art is an important and wonderful task. Remember these tips as you select the best training for you so that you and your clients will look your best!