A Microblading Glossary Of Important Terms Part 1

When it comes to microblading products, there are countless terms and techniques to master. If you have trouble remembering some of the most important beauty terms of the trade, follow this handy glossary to become a beauty guru in no time.

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup refers to cosmetic procedures that mimic the appearance of makeup on the skin. This is a broad term that encompasses many aspects of tattooing and cosmetic procedures. Though microblading and microshading classes might differ on whether or not the craft is permanent or semi-permanent, it's common for any pigmentation of the skin to be referred to as permanent makeup.


Otherwise known as eyebrow embroidering or eyebrow feathering, microblading is a cosmetic tattooing procedure designed to enhance the look of a client's eyebrows through the use of ink. This could involve adding dimension, shaping the brow, or just defining the brow in order to shape the face. 

Hair strokes

Hair strokes refer to the small lines created by the microblading professional in order to achieve a natural eyebrow look. Advanced microblading can use hundreds of small, individual strokes on one client. With the right microblading training, these hair strokes should look almost as natural as the hair on the client's face.

Keep in mind that natural blondes have around 140,000 hairs on their head while darker hairs like brown and black have between 108,00 and 110,000. This means you might have to make more hair strokes on a blonde individual since their hair is typically finer.


Microshading is a similar procedure to microblading. Instead of the individual hairs performed by microblading, however, microshading relies on a makeup-like, powdery finish. It also encompasses ombre eyebrows.


Pigment refers to the color that is used to create the hair strokes. Once the incision is made in the skin, it is then filled with pigment. There are countless shades of pigment to match the hair of every client that walks through your door.

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