3 Esthetician Skills You Should Master If You Want To Stand Out

If you're an esthetician, you are known as a skin care therapist for a reason; not only do you perform miracles on the look and feel of someone's skin, you're also adept at waxing, treatments, and chemical peels.

Estheticians get some of the best training around, so you need to be a notch above the best to make your talent stand out. After all, the beauty industry dates back to 3,000 BC in China, so people have been doing this a long time. Here are some of the top new skills to master in the beauty industry.

Eyebrow Microblading

And eyebrow shading. The western world is still in the honeymoon phase when it comes to thicker, fuller eyebrows, and many people don't want to waste money on products and time on applying them every day. For people who prefer more defined brows, learning to microblade will help you frame their face. For those who want a more natural, soft look, eyebrow shading and microshading is the best way to give a soft, makeup-inspired look without the defined lines from advanced microblading strokes.

With advanced microblading courses, you'll learn what goes into good microblading and microshading kits. You'll learn what eyebrow enhancing products are best used for each application and get the proper training to perform a variety of color correction techniques.

IV Therapy

In this type of therapy, intravenous liquid is infused with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are delivered directly to the bloodstream. While many people think of it as a quick way to get rid of a hangover, this trend has taken off as one of the safest ways to get your daily dose of vitamins. While eating healthy foods and taking dietary supplements is essential, the added bonus of utilizing IV therapy ensures that these beneficial liquids are delivered to the cells.


Microneedling is used to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of lines in the face. It's a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure, making it popular for older women and younger women alike, though its application isn't limited to this group alone.

Microneedling relies on the skin's ability to heal itself. By lightly puncturing the skin with a small needle, the skin will produce collagen and elastin to help repair the minuscule damage caused by the needle. This will make the skin thicker, thereby softening the appearance of the skin and tightening the affected area.

As an esthetician, you work hard to give your clients the best experience around. Keeping up with the current trends is just one way you can appeal to a more diverse audience. When you want to learn more about microblading, eyebrow shading, or microneedling, visit Curve Brows online to register for an advanced training course today.